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Barrie is located 90 kilometers north of Toronto, Canada and we are in zone 5. You can see from my winter garden shots that the area is in a snow belt that blows in off Georgian Bay. The one saving grace is the normal 4 feet of snow cover for the daylilies.


Starting in 2017 I had decided to select a few of my favourite seedlings, divide them out and evaluate their future plant performance in regards to recovery growth time, bud count, branching, flower distinction, pattern consistency and visitor comments aiming for future introductions. 


This past summer I eliminated 3 seedlings selected from the previous two years and added 5 new seedlings to the ongoing selection process cycling 2020.


2019 Select Seedling Garden Name: "Sunshine Canvas"
2018 Select Seedling Garden Name: My Best Kept Secret
2019 Select Seedling Garden Name: "Sunshine Canvas"
CF 17-124-5 Garden Name: "Ambitious Strike"
CF 17-263-7 Garden Name: "True to Form"

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2019 Select Seedling Garden Name: "Spiketail Dragon"
2019 Select Seedling Garden Name: "Reverse Graffiti"
CF 18-73-3 Garden Name: "Ontario Sweet Treat"
CF 16-32-2 Garden Name: “Real Deal"
CF “Unknown” Garden Name: “Dumb Exploits”

please click on photos for enlargement and description

COVID19 meant loads of busy times ALONE in my daylily patch in 2020 and it would appear to be a repeat for 2021. I did have a few masked visitors, mostly fellow daylily hybridizers and neighbours buying seedlings. Fortunately, daylily sales were up this past year, I guess many folks like me spent a lot of time enjoying their gardens.

I have experienced a real break-through with my patterned programs. When I decided to add pattern daylilies to my programs back in 2012, I kick-started the idea by purchasing potential patterned seeds on the lily auction. From 2012 up to the present I purchased approximately 435 seeds mostly in 2016/17. This past summer I had a multitude of patterned seedlings bloom and I am looking forward to many more this coming bloom season. I decided early on that I was only going to keep real distinct patterns and certainly they had to consistently pattern up on 90% of the blooms. I’m finding that many of my seedlings do not hold consistent patterns and seem to fade out or become very questionable. Of course I was very excited when the pattern with the Garden Name “Ambitious Strike” appeared this past summer and after watching it have multiple striking patterned blooms I immediately added it to my Futures Selections.

For the past 12 summers I have been selling off my unwanted seedlings to friends and locals and donating half the proceeds to Gilda's Club Cancer Centre here in Barrie. As I walk through the neighbourhood I see many good-looking daylilies some perhaps I should have kept for more observation. All my seedlings are exclusively Tetraploids and if you reside in Canada I do ship purchased seedlings in the fall.

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